Website Features

extras for your site

On top of having an eye appealing web design, there may be extra features that you're looking for.
Some of these are great ways to engage with your viewers and keep them coming back!

provide excellent customer service

Chat Box

Using a pop up box on your website gives your viewers an easy way to connect with you and send inquiries. From the Chatra website, you can show yourself as online or offline. If you are away, your messages will be sent to your email for you to reply to later. You can also set this up on your android or iPhone. The initial set up to add this to your website is $20. There are no additional fees unless you choose to upgrade to have more features and users on the account, which you will have full access and control to do so.

Organize your scheduled events

Online Calendar

This calendar is a user friendly one. To set it up, I will just need the information for users allowed access to add and edit your calendar. I will set up the categories and you will have full access to create, edit and delete events. You can add a full description for each event, including the Title, Dates, Time, which category, and more. View the images to see the editing section that you would use. The set up for this is $50. 

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help them find you

Google Maps

Having a map will help your clients/customers find you. It's interactive so they can search and zoom in and out right on your page. This can be added in replace of a section.

protect your website

SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a technology used to encrypt data being transmitted between your visitors and the servers in order to prevent eavesdropping. This is particularly crucial when sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords are being entered on your website, as is often the case for online stores, contact forms, or password-protected sections. Sites secured by an SSL certificate will show a padlock in the address bar and may choose to display a special site seal to certify that data transmissions are protected. Not only will this enhance your account’s security, it will increase the level of trust your visitors have in your website, and will often result in increased conversion rates and sales. The fee is $135/year.

As of January 2015, Google has also started using SSL protection as a ranking algorithm for its search engines. As a result, a website with an SSL certificate will rank higher than a similar website without one. As such, we strongly recommend all website owners to seriously consider protecting their entire site with SSL, regardless of the type of activity being conducted.